About Anywhera

The Surprise Travel Planner

Anywhera is not an ordinary travel agency or trip advisory but a surprising new way to relax and rejuvenate.

We, at Anywhera challenge the concept of traditional travel planning and booking to something far more 

spontaneous and adventurous.

Anywhera decides your travel destination which is revealed to you 24 hours before departure!

We decide the destination on the basis of a questionnaire filled out be you. We plan your complete expedition, including travel bookings, accommodation, and a curated list of local recommendations.

"We believe that as adults, we get far more excited when we know  there is a surprise waiting for us! 

Our biggest motivation is to bring out the wanderlust, wonderstruck kid in you."

Anywhera plans surprise travel trips for solo and dual travellers.We offer a vivid new experience and a whole new feeling of travel, help couples find a lover’s retreat, fill enough adrenaline in the backpackers and adventure junkies, and plan the perfect getaway for friends whose vacation plans have always failed.